Premium Installation

Car Sound Studio Premium  Installation Packages give you the highest standard of car audio installation.

Drawing from our experience building show and demo cars, we will use a range of techniques and materials to help you achieve outstanding sonic performance.

All Car Sound Studio Premium installations include reinforced speaker mountings for increased stability under high power loads and testing dynamics.  This will sometimes also allow bigger, more powerful speakers to be mounted.

Bigger and better speakers means bigger and better sound to bring you better value.

To help give you that premium sound and feel to your car, we recommend the installation of

Dynamat sound proofing products to get the most out of your new system, when used correctly Dynamat will reduce road noise, rattles and make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Car Sound Studio Premium installs use Dynamat soundproofing and sound deadening in a precise way targeting the problem areas in your car.  Car Sound Studio can also put your car through its paces (acoustically that is) with state of the art testing equipment, narrowing down problem zones and fine tuning your new or current sound system.

Premium is a must for anyone that loves music and doesn’t want to compromise quality.