Car Sound Studio Standard Installation Packages make it quick and easy to upgrade your car audio system.

Car Sound Studio Standard Installation packages are perfect if you just need to upgrade your head unit, giving you the ability to enjoy the latest media connectivity in your car or replace old and worn speakers.

With our standard installation packages, we will do all of the work while you put your feet up in our air conditioned office or we can come out to you.

Most standard installs we will be finished within the hour and ready for you to get back out onto the road.

Car Sound Studio can also help you decide what equipment will be best for your needs, if you do not know what to get, giveCar Sound Studio a call and we can help plan your new system.

Car Sound Studio Standard Installation packages include:

    • Pre install check and test of your car and is electrical system
    • Removal of dash trims where applicable for access to existing unit
    • Removal of existing unit, testing and rewiring of your new units wiring harness
    • Appropriate mounting of new unit and basic test of functions
    • Refitting any trim panels
    • Removal of any installation debris
    • Post installation test of unit and cars electrical system.
    • You will also receive a brief run through on the unit and how to use it